HuRIS Solutions Ltd ('HuRIS Solutions') operates in the United Kingdom and overseas and the success of our business is dependent on our people. We want to build teams that are as diverse as the customers we serve and create an environment where all our people can thrive. We want to ensure that being successful at HuRIS Solutions is purely down to talent, personal values, and effort. It is our belief is that enabling diverse perspectives and different ways of thinking help us anticipate and meet the needs of our market as they evolve over time. This diversity of thought helps us to approach problems differently as well as helping to make us more innovative for our customers.


At HuRIS Solutions, Diversity is about making sure that we have employees from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Inclusion is about fostering a workplace culture where everyone has a voice and therefore can be listened to and where everyone’s opinions and views are heard and respected. Diversity and Inclusion go hand-in-hand because, without an inclusive culture in the workplace, diversity amongst HuRIS Solutions employees is not going to have impact on our business.



The purpose of this Policy is to provide equal opportunities to all in employment, irrespective of their gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, beliefs, marital status, social class and race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin. This Policy covers all HuRIS Solutions employees, regardless of position or status, as well as Contractors and Sub-contractors.


We Are Committed To: -

  • Build teams that are as diverse as the customers we serve and create an environment where all our people can thrive.

  • Ensure that being successful at HuRIS Solutions is purely down to talent, personal values and effort, consistent with our value of being Human: fair, firm and inclusive.

  • Celebrate difference and value individual’s visible and non-visible differences.

  • Create an environment and culture where employees have the support to make decisions, find solutions, take risks, and learn.

  • Ensure all employees feel valued, engaged, and respected.

  • Recognise and invest in the value that a diverse workforce can bring to our business.

  • Challenge and investigate discriminatory behaviour and enforce the disciplinary procedure when this is considered necessary.

  • Proactively address any inappropriate behaviours including taking formal disciplinary action.

  • The Policy is fully supported by HuRIS Solutions management.

  • The Policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.


Policy Application

We are fully committed to a positive policy of promoting equality of opportunity, providing an inclusive workplace, and eliminating any unfair or unlawful discrimination. This applies to all employment policies and practices including those relating to: -


  • Recruitment and Selection;

  • Terms and Conditions of Employment;

  • Working Environment;

  • Training and Development;

  • Career Progression;

  • Flexible Working;

  • Pay Awards;

  • Grievance and Harassment;

  • Redundancy and Re-Deployment;

  • Disciplinary.


We are fully committed to ensuring Diversity and Inclusion exists in the workplace and will ensure that this Policy is applied in all areas of our business.



We will regularly collect, monitor, and analyse diversity data on gender of employees and job applicants to make sure our employment processes are fair and achieving the aims of this Policy. We also monitor pay in regard to gender and ask Diversity & Inclusion questions in our annual engagement survey.


It is important for us to expand our focus on Diversity & Inclusion, therefore we will continue to review our current systems, processes, and practices to see if we can collect other Diversity data where this will help us make progress.


All information collected will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be used to illustrate and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion and prevent unlawful discrimination.

January 2021