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Recruitment process intelligence can help you identify high performing talent early, whilst reducing operational recruitment costs, and improving the quality of hire.


Successful high performers significantly improve business outcomes and efficiency, and careful evaluation of your talent acquisition process is essential. 


Make better hiring decisions with recruitment process intelligence

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Talent Intelligence

Talent sourcing, selection, and recruitment is more than simply finding the right candidate for the role. It is about understanding the behaviour patterns of your most valuable and successful employees.

We conduct a thorough search of the market leveraging the power of AI  and Machine Learning,  to source and assess high quality candidates in terms of technical know-how, leadership capabilities, motivation, achievements, diversity, and, cultural fit.

Our approach is based on an evaluation of talent, processes, and potential, derived from the your Brief.  Allied with our soon to be released talent intelligence and recruitment planning tool, QuandaryPRO™, you are able to assess the potential fit of prospective candidates for the role right earl on in your hiring process.

You may be looking at a new location, and wondering whether the talent pool exist to sustain future growth of your business. 


With talent acquisition being a critical aspect of a successful global expansion, finding the right solution quickly and efficiently can be a challenge.

If you're looking to hire first-class talent internationally,  compliantly without the effort of establishing an overseas office, why not talk to us​ in confidence today and explore your options?

Talent Intelligence (TI) is a key process step when planning your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy.  It enables you to optimise and streamline your recruitment procedure, and return more accurate results.

With Talent Intelligence you gain clearer understanding of the behaviour patterns of your successful high performers. It

gauges large chunks of data and extracts the most compatible candidates, even if their job title doesn’t match the job opening. It allows diverse groups of individuals to be highlighted as high-calibre candidates.

Talent Intelligence allows you to identify which channels are most effective for sourcing good candidates, recent retirees with a wealth of experience and/or subject matter expertise, and companies searching for potential hires in the same talent space as your own.

Ultimately, talent intelligence has the power to enhance workforce planning and, in the process, your overall recruitment strategy.

Founded in 2020, HuRIS Solutions is a cloud-based human capital management software company based in Manchester, England.  It offers recruitment consultancy, and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery environment for talent management and recruitment process intelligence.

Talent management is about understanding the behaviour pattern and decision-making process of  successful high performers to determine the right talent that is fit for purpose.

QuandryPRO® helps businesses unlock  potential capabilities of their most valuable and high-performing talent.


It  offers organisations a process view of their talent management picture in order to deliver data-driven actionable insights that can help talent acquisition specialists make more informed and timely hiring decisions.



Value Proposition


Recruitment Solutions Partner With a Shared Vision.

​Vision - Our aim is to develop sustainable relationship in our engagement with you by understanding and sharing your goals, having an awareness of the roadmap ahead, and the relevant and appropriate performance measurements that are required to effectively deliver the right solution.

Value Proposition - Unlock the potential of your talent management process to improve the engagement and retention levels of your top performers, whilst reducing operational costs.

Communication - In today’s digital world the need to streamline online communications as much as possible we believe is a critical success factor to achieving a successful appointment every time.

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