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HuRIS Solutions
Thought leadership in context


We have spent over 5 years developing our unique approach to recruitment modelling and talent acquisition management and, offer a fresh approach to traditional recruitment, search, and selection services.

We adopt an assignment-led approach to provide you with the right appointment encompassing, strategic leadership, senior management and, critical operational talent.

Thought leadership in context


Conducting a thorough and extensive search entails time carrying out detailed work, and many phases in the assignment must be conducted accurately to ensure a smooth and satisfactory completion of the search for all parties concerned. 

We offer a thorough and professional level of service underpinned by clear and visible communication about the assignment's progress.

Our main aim is to provide you with a successful appointment of the right individual matching the requirements of the assignent brief leaving you with more time to focus on your critical day-to-day role! 


We also understand that open business-critical positions must not be left open for longer than is neccessary, and we therefore commit to working dilligently to bring a successful conclusion to the assignment brief - the right candidate.

Thought leadership in context


An organisation’s people are key to driving sustainable business performance. By helping you understand how and where your workforce create value, your people data can help you solve business problems.


Finding and attracting the best people into the most critical roles in your organisation requires an evidence-based look at how, and where your organisation creates value and, how its high-performance talent contributes.


Ultimately, critical talent correctly mapped to value-creation roles strengthens competitive advantage and improves ROI.

Thought leadership in context


Talent Mapping is a fundamental aspect of strategic and sustainable talent management, driven by Talent Intelligence. It provides you with an extensive and comprehensive understanding of available skills, competencies and capabilities across the organisation and how, and where best to deploy them.

Insights gained from the talent mapping process, enables businesses to assess and evaluate critical value-creation roles matched to the right critical talent. This exercise of connecting the right  role with the right critical talent not only presents an insightful visualisation of 'current state' people, processes, and technology but also, enables you to measure organisational capacity, capability, and competencies in value-creation. 


Sustainable Value-Creation Driven By Intelligent Talent Solutions. 

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