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HuRIS Solutions


A successful recruitment assignment is based on carrying out thorough research and analysis, knowledge and experience of the particular discipline, as well as sound judgement. By using Key Recruitment and Human Capital Management Data we provide you with the analytical tools to identify, attract and hire first class business-critical talent.

Attracting talent can be an expensive and time-consuming operation. Our primary focus is on improving the overall experience of the recruiting process for hiring managers and candidates by integrating proven technology solutions such as lean recruitment to simplify the whole application, recruitment and search process, significantly reducing  the overall time it takes to hire.

Our work covers a number of specialist sectors including:

  • Information Technology

  • Industry 4.0 (Manufacturing Systems)

  • Financial Services

  •  techMARK Index

  • Cyber Security

Attracting top quaity talent is not an easy or straight-forward task.

At HuRIS Solutions we evaluate your talent acquisition and hiring processes and identify the best candidate who will have an immediate impact on team and organisational performance.



We believe achieving high performance and sustained growth requires placing your most valuable  asset - people- in the right  role.  


Strategic and operational leaders are both important to businesses in driving organisational performance forward. Hiring not only the best and brightest, but also the right balance and mix of people who fit well into the organisation culture is vital to strengthening your competitve advantage.

Process Intelligence and Data Analytics

Where appropriate, we make use of Innovative tools when conducting a search assignment as it facilitates not only a speedier execution of the selection process, but also a faster resolution to the final appointment.  We feel that this marks a significant shift towards predictive talent analytics, highlighting the future of talent acquisition and management.

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